When Time Ran Out was released March 28th 1980

Director William Goldstone’s follow up to the bizarre disaster flick Rollercoaster

Final screenplay in the career of writer Carl Foreman

Writer Sterling Silliphant was also well trained in the disaster flick having penned the screenplay for The Towering Inferno

One of 5 adaptations of books by author and well known conspiracy theorist Gordon Thomas

In 1979 Thomas’s Voyage of the Damned was adapted for the screen and was nominated for 5 academy awards

When Time Ran Out was also nominated for an Oscar, for Best Costume Design

Actor Paul Newman followed up When Time Ran Out with the awards nominated flicks Fort Apache Bronx and Absence of Malice

Jaqueline Bissett followed up When Time Ran Out by becoming one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, making over a million dollars for the movie Inchon

One of the final films in the career of legendary actor William Holden

William Holden also appeared in the 1980 movie The Earthling

Actor Edward Albert also appeared alongside star Jaqueline Bisset in the 1978 movie The Greek Tycoon

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Ernest Borgnine also appeared in the 1980 movie Super Fuzz

The second corroboration between star Paul Newman and legendary disaster movie producer Irwin Allen

This was Allen’s final theatrical feature

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When Time Ran Out is the movie that Paul Newman admitted to Larry King that he was not proud of, referring to it only as “That Volcano movie”

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