The Children was released June 13th

First feature film director Max Kalmanowicz

Today Max Kalmanowicz still works in Hollywood, in the sound department of a number of TV series, including recently as a boom operator on an episode of Flight of the Conchords

Writer Carlton J. Albright did not earn another film credit until 1990

Writer Edward Terry did not work again until 1987 when he worked as a carpenter on John Huston’s The Dead, he then re-teamed with Carlton J. Albright for 1990’s Luther the Geek

Star Martin Shakar is best known for playing Frank Jr. in Saturday Night Fever

Star Gil Rogers went on to work sparingly for the next 10 years until he joined writers Terry and Albright on Luther the Geek

Shannon Bolin was a popular stage actress who rarely worked in Hollywood. She’s best remembered for reprising her stage role in Damn Yankees in the film Damn Yankees

First film for actor Tracey Griswold who did not work again until 1997

Writer Carlton Albright’s two children Nathanael and Sarah played 2 of The Children of the title

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