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When Time Ran Out

When Time Ran Out was released March 28th 1980

Director William Goldstone’s follow up to the bizarre disaster flick Rollercoaster

Final screenplay in the career of writer Carl Foreman

Writer Sterling Silliphant was also well trained in the disaster flick having penned the screenplay for The Towering Inferno

One of 5 adaptations of books by author and well known conspiracy theorist Gordon Thomas

In 1979 Thomas’s Voyage of the Damned was adapted for the screen and was nominated for 5 academy awards

When Time Ran Out was also nominated for an Oscar, for Best Costume Design

Actor Paul Newman followed up When Time Ran Out with the awards nominated flicks Fort Apache Bronx and Absence of Malice

Jaqueline Bissett followed up When Time Ran Out by becoming one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, making over a million dollars for the movie Inchon

One of the final films in the career of legendary actor William Holden

William Holden also appeared in the 1980 movie The Earthling

Actor Edward Albert also appeared alongside star Jaqueline Bisset in the 1978 movie The Greek Tycoon

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Ernest Borgnine also appeared in the 1980 movie Super Fuzz

The second corroboration between star Paul Newman and legendary disaster movie producer Irwin Allen

This was Allen’s final theatrical feature

When Time Ran Out on IMDB

When Time Ran Out WIKI

When Time Ran Out is the movie that Paul Newman admitted to Larry King that he was not proud of, referring to it only as “That Volcano movie”

When Time Ran Out available on VHS from

When Time Ran Out on DVD from review of When Time Ran Out

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The Home Video trailer for When Time Ran Out

A Volcanic eruption from When Time Ran Out


Used Cars

Used Cars was released July 11th 1980

Director Robert Zemeckis has worked with star Kurt Russell twice, in Used Cars and in Forrest Gump where Russell provided the voice of Elvis Presley

Co-write Bob Gale has worked almost exclusively with Robert Zemeckis

Star Kurt Russell followed up Used Cars with his breakout film role in Escape from New York

Star Jack Warden made Used Cars while starring on television in an adaptation of The Bad News Bears in the role made famous by Walter Matthau

Actor Frank McRae also worked with Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale on the 1979 movie 1941 which they wrote

SCTV actor Joe Flaherty also appeared in the 1980 movie Nothing Personal

Actor David Lander is another actor who appeared in 1941 and then worked with Zemeckis and Gale again in Used Cars

Lander also appeared in the 1980 movie Wholly Moses

Michael McKean also appeared in 1941

McKean and Michael L. Lander were partners on TV in the Happy Days spinoff Laverne and Shirley

Actor Michael Talbott also appeared in the 1980 movies Foolin’ Around and Any Which Way You Can

Director Betty Thomas has a cameo in Used Cars

Used Cars is the only R rated movie in the career of writer director Robert Zemeckis

Used Cars was shot in a remarkably short 28 days

Two of the famed cars from the musical Grease were used as props in Used Cars

Roger Ebert’s 1980 review of Used Cars from

Used Cars on IMDB

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A scene from Used Cars

Another scene from Used Cars

The famed Nuns scene from Used Cars

A classic TV commercial for Used Cars

The full length theatrical trailer for Used Cars

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Vincent Canby’s 1980 review of Used Cars in the New York Times

Urban Cowboy


Urban Cowboy was released June 6th 1980

Director James Bridges’ follow up to 1979’s The China Syndrome

Based on an article by Rolling Stone journalist Aaron Latham

Star John Travolta went on to star in another pop culture trend story inspired by Aaron Latham, 1985’s Perfect

Star Debra Winger was nominated for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for her role

Actor Scott Glenn had excelled in small roles before Urban Cowboy made him a star

Actor Barry Corbin also appeared in the 1980 movies Any Which Way You Can and Stir Crazy

Country stars Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee, Bonnie Raitt and Charlie Daniels each appear in Urban Cowboy

After initial box-office returns were surprisingly low, a newspaper poll was taken in the summer of 1980 to figure out why teenagers were not flocking to see the film. One of the main complaints from kids was that they did not know what the word Urban meant.

Debra Winger claimed that she only got her lead role after Sissy Spacek dropped out, Spacek won Best Actress in 1980 for her role in another country story Coal Miner’s Daughter

Dennis Quaid was initially set to be cast in the lead

Quaid instead starred in the 1980 movies Gorp and The Long Riders

A Facebook group for diehard fans of Urban Cowboy

Patrick Swayze taught John Travolta the two step performed in Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy WIKI

TV Commercial for Urban Cowboy from 1980

The alleged best in Urban Cowboy

Deleted scene from Urban Cowboy

Another look behind the scenes

The original trailer for Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy available on DVD from

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Up the Academy

Up the Academy was released June 6th 1980

Director Robert Downey Sr. also co-wrote the screenplay for the 1980 movie The Going Show Movie

Writer Tom Patchett followed up Up the Academy with 1981’s The Great Muppet Caper

Patchett went on to write for the TV series Alf

Co-writer Jay Tarses is the father of Jamie Tarses who went on to be the head of ABC Television for several years

First film for star Ralph Macchio who went on to become The Karate Kid

Allyson Downey, sister of Robert Downey Jr and daugher of director Robert Downey Sr. made a rare acting appearance in Up the Academy

Robert Downey Jr. has an uncredited cameo in Up the Academy

Up the Academy on IMDB

Vincent Canby’s sort of positive review of Up the Academy from 1980 in the New York Times

Was supposed to be called Mad Magazine’s Up the Academy but the magazine disowned the movie prior to releases, parodied the film in the magazine and praised actor Ron Liebman for removing his name from the film’s credits.

Up the Academy WIKI

Special effect wizard Rick Baker made the Alfred E. Newman masks seen at the beginning and end of Up the Academy

Trailer for Up the Academy

A scene from Up the Academy

The Story set up for Up the Academy 

TV Commercial for Up the Academy from 1980

A review of Up the Academy from the terrific blog Cool Ass Cinema

Christian Devine’s Forgotten Films review of Up the Academy

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Another blog tackles Up the Academy, a review from Talking Moviezzz

A website dedicated to actress Barbara Bach features stills from her scenes in Up the Academy

A track listing for the Up the Academy soundtrack featuring Pat Benatar, Sammy Hagar, Blondie and a young Jonathan Richman

A review of Up the Academy from the blog Thoughts of Stream


Tribute was released December 14th 1980

Director Bob Clark went on to direct the cult classic A Christmas Story and Porky’s 1 & 2

Writer Bernard Slade adapted his own play for the screenplay of Tribute

Bernard Slade was best known as a writer on The Partridge Family and The Flying Nun

Star Jack Lemmon was nominated for Best Actor for his role as Scottie Templeton in Tribute

Lemmon starred in Tribute after having played the same role on Broadway

Tribute was nearly the most difficult performance of Jack Lemmon’s career, according to Lemmon it was a distant second to his performance at a Tribute to Jack Lemmon broadcast on CBS in 1980 just in time to promote Tribute

Star Robby Benson also appeared in the 1980 movie Die Laughing

Star Lee Remick also appeared in the 1980 movie The Competition

Tribute was a reunion for legends Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick who each won Oscars for their performances in Days of Wine and Roses

Among the first features in the career of actress Kim Cattrall

At the premiere of Tribute in December of 1980 Kim Cattrall met and briefly began dating Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

Roger Ebert’s 3 star review of Tribute from 1980 on

Tribute on IMDB

Critic Janet Maslin’s pan of Tribute from 1980 in the New York Times

Tribute WIKI

Tribute is available on VHS from

Tom Horn


Tom Horn was released March 28th 1980

Director William Wiard was a regular director of The Rockford Files

Writer Thomas McGuane is mostly retired though his contributing his reminiscenses of writer Thomas Brautigan to a documentary being released next year

Co-writer Edward “Bud” Shrake was a sports reporter at Sport Illustrated while working on the screenplay for Tom Horn

Star Steve McQueen also appeared in the 1980 movie Tom Horn

Star Linda Evans appeared on episodes of The Rockford Files directed by Tom Horn director William Wiard

Actor Richard Farnsworth’s follow up to his Oscar nominated role in Comes A Horseman

Actor Slim Pickens also appeared in the 1980 movie Honeysuckle Rose

Tom Horn on IMDB

Tom Horn WIKI

Tom Horn was based on the writings of the real Tom Horn, the man who caught Geronimo

A review of Tom Horn from the blog Robie2008

Tom Horn is available on DVD from

A scene from Tom Horn

Another scene from Tom Horn

Tom Horn the official trailer

A clever feature on the cast of Tom Horn from

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Times Square


Times Square was released October 17th 1980

Director Allan  Moyle went on to direct the cult classics Empire Records and Pump up the Volume

Writer Jacob Brackman wrote the screenplay to the popular early 70’s flick The King of Marvin Gardens

Writer Jacob Brackman also contributed a pair of songs to the Times Square soundtrack

A break out role for actress Trini Alvarado who also sang a song on the Times Square soundtrack, a duet with her co-star Robin Johnson

Debut film for actress Robin Johnson

Roger Ebert’s 2 star review of Times Square from 1980 on

Janet Maslin’s 1980 pan of Times Square from the New York Times

A website dedicated to Times Square star Robin Johnson

Times Square WIKI

Times Square on IMDB

The trailer for Times Square

A tune from Times Square

Another song from Times Square

A scene from Times Square

Star Trini Alvarado went on to co-star with Times Square co-star Anna Maria Horsford in the ABC Afterschool Special “Starstruck”

Times Square is available on DVD from

A look at Times Square from

Pick up the original soundtrack for Times Square on Vinyl from

Track listing:

Double Album – 1980 – RSO Records – Songs Include :
Rock Hard – Suzi Quatro
Talk Of The Town – Pretenders
Same Old Scene – Roxy Music
Down In The Park – Gary Numan
Help Me – Marcy Levy & Robin Gibb
Life During Wartime – Talking Heads
Pretty Boys – Joe Jackson
Take This Town – XTC
I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
Damn Dog – Robin Johnson
Your Daughter Is One – Robin Johnson & Trini Alvarado
Babylon’s Burning – The Ruts
You Can’t Hurry Love – D.L. Byron
Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed
The Night Was Not – Desmond Child & Rouge
Innocent Not Guilty – Garland Jeffreys
Grinding Halt – The Cure
Pissing In The River – Patti Smith Group
Flowers In The City – David Johansen & Robin Johnson
Damn Dog Reprise Cleo Club – Robin Johnson

Soundtrack features the American debut of The Cure, the song Grinding Halt was first released on the band’s first record “Three Imaginary Boys”